How STEMbridge Works

The STEMbridge website provides educators with easy access to a virtual network of STEM industry Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) for a more dynamic, relevant academic learning experience.

benefitsSTEP 1
Academic Institutions and Industry/Company SMEs register on STEMbridge at no charge to either party. This creates the necessary database of academic institutions and industry SMEs.

Member academia institutions access STEMbridge and request a specific STEM category, sub-category, keyword, type of engagement, duration and date/time via a user-friendly network platform.

Via the industry SME database, multiple STEM industry professionals are matched with the academic institution’s request. The academic institution then reviews the eligible candidates and selects one. Collaboration between the teacher and SME then occurs to develop the exact presentation material, content and presentation mode that is desired.

The academic institution and the industry SME perform the engagement via Web conference at the previously agreed upon day and time. Sessions can last for any agreed upon duration.

The Web conference engagement is recorded, catalogued and archived, and is available to other member academic institutions via the STEMbridge Website. Ratings/comments from both sides are solicited, and a Leadership Dashboard is created for both Academic Administrators and Industry Corporate Leadership to view metrics such as: frequency of engagements, the ratings/comments, and the extent that industry professional SMEs are utilized to augment the academic curriculum.