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STEMbridge is an opportunity for industry companies and professionals to directly connect with the next generation of STEM students and employees. STEMbridge offers you a vehicle for donating your company’s and employee’s time to the worthy cause of enhancing STEM education in the United States. Many companies have STEM support initiatives, (see for some examples) and STEMbridge is an easy and unique way to fulfill your company’s involvement. It is crucial that industry professional STEM subject matter experts like yourself work together with academia to bring real word STEM experiences into the classroom. Please join us by registering below to this great cause!

Reasons for industry companies to join STEMbridge:

  • Help groom and mentor future STEM employees
  • Assist in making the supply and demand of STEM graduates more in-balance
  • Use as an opportunity to give back to your school or university
  • Create positive public relations for your Company
  • Build your personal resume by demonstrating volunteer time and engagements to enhance STEM education
  • Sharpen your instructional skills
  • Demonstrate to students that STEM’s COOL…not nerdy or boring!

The cost of STEMbridge to industry companies is absolutely and completely free – no sign up fees or per engagement fee!!! Your only cost is your SME’s virtual time, which may be a tax deduction. Industry companies can advertise their support of enhanced STEM education on the STEMbridge website for a nominal charge. Go to CONTACT US for more information about advertising on STEMbridge.