The ultimate customer for STEMbridge is of course the Students. STEMbridge enhances the overall STEM learning experience by virtually infusing industry professional subject matter experts into the classroom. While obviously the STEM curriculum is the primary and most important part of the learning experience, STEMbridge augments this core curriculum with real-world experiences, key lessons learned, and first-hand industry knowledge. In today’s lean, fast paced, working environment these virtual industry engagements will assist Students to “hit-the-ground-running” in their new careers.

Some key benefits of STEMbridge for Students:

  • Gives the opportunity to pick the brain of an industry subject matter expert on a regular basis to gain unique insights to the STEM industry
  • Assists with career choice and direction via easy access to STEM professional’s perspectives about the various STEM career choices
  • Receive input on in-class projects and presentations
  • STEM’s COOL!!! Students will be able to receive a first hand perspective that STEM careers are fun, exciting, cool and cutting-edge

Students should encourage their schools and teachers to register for STEMbridge in order to be able to utilize these unique benefits. Registration and engagements for academia are free, so there is no cost to the educational institutions for using STEMbridge!