What is STEMbridge

STEMBridge is a unique and innovative concept which simply and virtually connects industry professional STEM subject matter experts (SMEs) with STEM academic classrooms via an online Web conference. The integration of industry STEM SMEs into the academic experience creates a more real-world, real-time, dynamic and well-rounded STEM learning experience.

Benefits of STEMbridge:

  • There is absolutely no cost to either academia or industry companies for registering or performing engagements with STEMbridge
  • Results in a broader STEM educational experience for students
  • Industry STEM SMEs inspire student’s interest in STEM, creating more synergy and interest for STEM careers
  • Enables students to make more informed higher education and career choices
  • Teacher’s lesson planning is easily augmented with industry professionals virtually infused into the classroom environment
  • Distance barriers are eliminated – the virtual feature of STEMbridge allows for easy integration of SME engagements. A SME in California, for example, can easily engage with a classroom in New Jersey.
  • Travel time, costs and liabilities are eliminated – for academia and industry professional SMEs